In 1919, Polish born Stephen J. Poplawski of Racine Wisconsin began the design and manufacture of beverage mixers of various types, under contract to the Arnold Electric Company of Racine. At the time, the blenders were manufactured to be used in the preparation of malted milks. Racine was the location of the Horlick Corporation, which made the malted milk drink to be served at soda fountains.

Poplawski Blender

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Poplawski applied for a patent in 1922 "...for the first mixer of my design having an agitating element mounted in a base and adapted to be drivingly connected with the agitator in the cup when the cup was placed in a recess in the top of the base." This and other patents allowed Arnold Electric to be a leader in their manufacture before its purchase by Hamilton Beach in 1926.

Poplawski joined the Greene Manufacturing Company, also located in Racine, in 1932. Greene began production of mixers of Poplawski's latest design (patent numbers 1,937,184 and 1,937,445). It was also in this year that a new use of the blender was found " the macerating of fruits and vegetables so as to reduce them to a fluid state," recalled Poplawski in connection with a 1953 patent litigation, "...I am convinced that the John Oster Manufacturing Company, as the successor to the mixer business of the Greene Manufacturing Company, is justified in asserting that its blender is the 'original blender'..."

The blender, now known as the "Osterizer", became a very important part of Oster's business, and continues to be so to this day.